Virginia Woolf archive

‘ The hare erect, the boat rocking, the wave falling‘ is part of the ‘Virginia Woolf and the Hogarth Press’ at the Riverside Gallery, Richmond.

The Exhibition lasts from Saturday 29th – Saturday 10th December.
Private View Monday 31st 6.30-
Riverside Gallery,
Old Town Hall
Whittaker Avenue
Richmond TW9 ITP

This work is the first in my ‘Virginia Woolf’ series, from her ‘ To the the Lighthouse’,

‘It seemed as if, touched by human penitence and all its toil, divine goodness had parted the curtain and displayed behind it, single, distinct, the hare erect; the wave falling; the boat rocking, which, did we deserve them, should be ours always.‘

For me it’s about living in each moment of time.

I use several plates, printed one on top of each other, which is perfectly usual to achieve colour in etching, but I also like the literal idea of how one moment accumulates on top of another, one meaning on top of another, like archaeological strata.